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Dog Training and Care for Discriminating Owners
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Sit-N-Stay Inn
Bed & Breakfast Style Dog Boarding
For discriminating dogs!

What is the Sit-N-Stay Inn?
Staying in the trainers home "The Sit-N-Stay Inn", your dog will enjoy Premium Luxury Care. Our goal is to have your dog enjoy his vacation as much as you enjoy yours! You can relax on your vacation knowing your canine pal is receiving the best of care and attention. People tell us they think their dog had a better vacation than they did!

What's accommodations exist at the Sit-N-Stay Inn?
Guest dogs actually stay in the trainers home! This is unique experience allows the trainer and her family to interact on a personal level with each guest. Because each dog is individually cared for, a more personal experience occurs.

The supervised, enclosed, play yard is offered for daily exercise. The play yard includes a digging pit, agility obstacles for physical development, balls, flying disks, chew toys and bubbles! We also offer a inground swimming pool for those dogs who might enjoy it! (The pool is fenced so that non-swimming dogs are safe!)

Dog crates and exercise pens are used at night, during feedings and during the day if a human chaperone is not available. Otherwise, dogs live as part of the trainers family, free to be in the kitchen, family or bedrooms with the human and other dogs!

Sounds great, but why Sit-N-Stay Inn and not a kennel?
Our goal is to create a home like environment so your dog will be stress-free and happy while you're away! Benefits of the Sit-N-Stay Inn include the positive reinforcement of basic obedience, manners and house training routines. Additionally, if your dog stays longer than 6 days, s/he will also receive light grooming, ear cleaning and nail trimming if needed at NO EXTRA CHARGE!

Clients tell us their shy dogs go home happy because of the high comfort level and the more boisterous dogs go home tired from the engaging environment!

Do you take puppies?
Dogs may be of any size, age and breed for their stay at the Inn. We have extensive experience with all sizes of dogs including teacup Poodle puppies to intact, male Fila Brasileiros. Care is equal and loving for dogs all ages, sizes and breeds!

Can you give my dog his medicine while I'm gone?
We specialize in puppy, senior and special needs care. We have cared for dogs undergoing cancer treatments, seizure activity, surgery recovery, thyroid and other medications. There is no extra fee for this service.

Can I drop off or pick my dog up on a Sunday?
Yes! Unlike a traditional boarding kennel, you can drop off, or pick up your dog virtually any time day or night. And, if you pick your dog up before 9 am, or drop off after 7pm, there is no charge for that day.

Dog must be a client of (or of the same household) Complete Canine Training.
Reservations are required.
Interview Process Required for New Clients (IE: People referred by a veterinarian or client who have not trained with CCT).
Proof of Current Vaccinations or Titers.
Proof of Heartworm Prevention.
Dogs over One Year must be spayed or neutered.
  (Assistance/Guide Dog puppies in training are the ONLY exception to this rule.)
Owners supply the dogs food. 
  (This reduces stomach upset when away from home)
Any medications needed during your dogs stay (Heartworm Prevention etc)
There is no additional fee for this service.
Dogs must be wearing a Premier collar with a current ID tag.
Dogs must be people-friendly with other adults and children.
Dogs must be dog-friendly.
Dogs must be well mannered.

Dogs who: have aggression issues, bark/whine, house soil, escape fences/crates, escape doorways or are otherwise not fully trained, are not eligible for the below rates and need Complete Canine Training's Board and Train Services.


Sit-N-Stay Inn Rates:
$85 per dog, per day
(Day charge applies for dogs dropped off after 9 am or picked up before 7 pm)

Additional Training:
$50 per dog, per day
In addition to the normal training your dog receives during his stay, you dog will receive thirty minutes of training per day. Clients can choose to have additional daily training, or training for specific issues, or training for as many/few days as desired.

The Inn fills quickly, please make your reservations early, especially for important dates and holidays!!!

Think your dog needs training too?
Check out our Board and Train Service! (Link)

*Pools are not in use during winter months.
**Pricing modified May 1, 2013

Call today 281-825-6404 to reserve your "spot"!