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Board and Train Service
Three week intensive training for puppies and dogs.

What is the Board and Train Service?
Staying in the trainers home, your dog will receive a minimum of thirty minutes of "formal training" each day. Formal training is the instruction of basic commands like sit, down, come, stay, leave it and place. Managed leash walking and other skills are also worked on.

Additionally, and more profoundly, your dog will receive "informal training". Informal training is the instruction and reinforcement of basic manners and house hold behavior. This could include any behavioral issues like escaping doorways, jumping up, house training/house soiling, destructive chewing, mouthing and/or play biting. However, each dog is evaluated as an individual and the informal training is modified accordingly.

Does my dog stay in an outside kennel run?
NO! Absolutely NOT! This program is designed for specifically for pet dogs who's owners want their dog to learn how to behave in a home environment. Your dog will stay in the trainers home, NOT in a kennel run.

While dog crates and exercise pens are used at night, during feedings and during the day if a human chaperone is not available, the rest of the time your dog will live as part of the trainers family, free to be in the kitchen, family or bedrooms with the other dogs and humans!

A supervised, enclosed play yard and exercise areas are offered for daily exercise. The play yard includes a digging pit, pooch play pool*, agility obstacles for physical development, balls, flying disks, chew toys and bubbles!

How long does my dog need to stay?
Complete Canine Training has developed a successful three week intensive training program. Our 21 day program gives your dog the skills he will use when he returns home to you. Included in our price, are four follow up, private training sessions so you may learn what your dog knows! Counter conditioning (un-learning) can occur without the follow up training sessions.

Is my six month old puppy too young?
We suggest puppies at least four months old or older, to experience the greatest, lasting success. Because puppies are like sponges, it is very easy to train them to perform basic commands. However, because puppies under four months old are physically and mentally developing so quickly, they are likely to grow through many behavioral developments quicker than a mature dog over the 21 days.

For example, a three month old puppies commonly mouth and play bite. This is a developmental occurrence and many puppies outgrow this behavior by five or six months old. This behavior is usually easily modified. In most cases this is certainly something the owner can work on at home after a Private Training Session with the trainer. To claim it has been "trained out" or "eliminated by training" during a short term board and train stay, is, in our opinion, misleading.

Can you give my dog his medicine while he's having training?
We specialize in puppy, senior and special needs care. We have cared for dogs undergoing seizure activity, surgery recovery, thyroid disorders, cancer treatment and other medications. There is no additional fee for this service.

Reservations are required (space is extremely limited).
Pre service visit is required. Call for information.
Proof of Current Vaccinations or Titer.
Proof of Heartworm Prevention.
Dogs over 12 months old must be spayed or neutered (some exceptions).
Owners supply the dogs food. 
  (This reduces stomach upset when away from home)
Dogs must be wearing a collar with a current ID tag.
Owners must purchase training equipment if needed.
Owners must participate in Private Training Sessions.
**Maintenance Training is available for client dogs.

Board and Train Rates:
$3400. Per dog - Three Week Intensive Training
Three weeks intensive Training

4 Private Training Sessions (Within our normal service area or at CCT Office)
8 "Mini" (30 minute) Private Training Sessions at CCT Office
Complete Canine Training Manual with Personalized Instructions
1 Premier Collar
1 Premium Leather Leash

**$85. Per adult dog, per day - Maintenance Training for Current CCT Clients

*Pool may not be in use during winter months.

Call today 281-825-6404 to reserve your "spot"!