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Private Dog (and Owner) Training
Trainer Has Bag, Will Travel!

For details, please view: What is Private Training?

Tracy Atkins, Complete Canine Training's Head Trainer is available for Private Training and Consulting outside of the Houston, TX area. She travels across the country to assist individual owners, breed clubs and training clubs.

Private Training Travel Fees:
For Private Training Sessions outside of Houston, TX area:
$195 Per Session + Travel Expenses
Sessions normally take sixty to ninety minutes. However, this rate is for the session. Some sessions may be longer or shorter, depending on the issues to be addressed.

Severe Aggression Cases:
$250 Per Session - Client's Home
PrePayment of four sessions may be required for this service.

Appointment Times:
Weekdays, evenings, weekends by appointment.

Pre Interview by phone or e-mail: trainers@yespup.com

Call today 281-825-6404 to schedule an appointment!