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Dog Training and Care for Discriminating Owners
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Our Mission, Goals and Pledge

Our Mission:
To use quick, modern, humane and successful techniques to teach owners how to have fun and enjoy training their dogs so that we may better the lives of dogs and owners, everywhere.

Our Goals:

To instruct our clients on the proper techniques, uses and benefits of quick, gentle, modern and humane dog training methods.

To instill a sense of pride and excitement in owners about their dog.

To retain a sense of humor about dogs, concentrating on their overall temperament and behavior.

To bring each dog and owner team to its fullest potential.

To recognize that each owner has different goals for their dogs and try to find the most affordable, convenient way for them to access information and professional assistance to achieve those goals.

To help owners become responsible and accountable for the care and training they give their dogs.

To encourage the spaying and neutering of pets so they may live longer, healthier lives.

To offer instructors who are knowledgeable about dog behavior, breeds of dogs, basic canine health care and who know how to express this information to each owner as an individual.

To offer instructors who are honest, knowledgeable, prompt, professional, kind, creative and funny and who themselves want to become better dog owners and trainers.

Our Pledge:
To treat you and your pet with respect.
To share our expert knowledge and experience.
To provide an excellent value for your investment.
To teach you how to have fun with and enjoy your pet.
To provide a safe, comfortable environment for you to bond with your pet.
To provide a place for camaraderie and compassion for pets and their owners.

At Complete Canine Training, we LOVE dogs
and we know how to help owners.
Call today 281-825-6404
and find out how we can help you and your dog!